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It’s the little print issues that cost small companies money

We are often told to think outside the box and ‘dream big’. In sales, we all go for those big contracts that take an substantial amount of time and effort to win, as they are game changers. For marketing, it is often to expand reach in new markets to extend our engagement and in-turn increase profitability. These are the things that are great for innovation and growth and take courage to make the decision to go for it.

However, there are those times in business where you need to think smaller. Look at granular detail to ensure the operating costs of your business are cost-effective and within means.

FD’s set out to drill down into these details to see how the little everyday office grumbles that we seem to accept often have a substantial cost burden associated, this is where office productivity aid overcoming them.

In the words of Tesco ‘Every little helps’

From a recent trend report developed by Xerox print represents on average 15% of an SME’s IT budget. Which is an astronomical amount, with all things considered businesses aren’t getting full value for money on print.

It is believed that 3,250 hours of time is spent waiting for print jobs in a 250-person company, with the average full time UK wage at £27,600 p.a. that’s £106.15 for an 8-hour day and £13.27 per hour, with this calculation hourly rate is a total combined staff equivalent of £43,127.50 p.a. cost to a 250-person company.

Xerox found that an estimated 40-60% of IT calls are print related and if the call is £10.62/$14, so we can work out that if there are a 1000 calls a month and we conservatively say print calls are 30% your company could be paying £3,186 extra a month for IT teams/engineers to fix printers that is £38,232 a year.

In some cases, common print issues are an inevitable part of office life, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Often printer issues, are relatively simple to resolve and permanent fixes can be achieved very quickly by an experienced engineer.

Moving to a managed print service, is far more productive and cost-effective. These contracts allow you to reduce the strain on IT and can increase efficiency. Consumables can be measured and ordered automatically, in addition proactive ongoing maintenance will reduce down-time of printers and costs, with stockpiled inventory. Thus, leaving your staff to focus on what they do best, growing the business.

We’ve developed a print assessment tool to help you work out print environment. Or give us a call, 020 7014 0100 we'd be happy to discuss with you how we can lower costs through Manged Print Services.

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