A.I and the future of automation in your business

January 11, 2017

A.I is a hot topic, everyone wants to know whether robots will be coming for our jobs or to help us do them better. In the fast approaching future we can all hope that technology will ease several day to day time burdens and help our business processes run a little better but what about right now? Automating some basic work processes will undoubtedly save us all much time and energy. this however is only possible when we understand what our options are. 




A 2015 Forrester analysis predicted automation would replace 25 percent of all job tasks by 2019. Losing some specific roles, like the  thousands of truck-driving jobs, seems like a foregone conclusion with the rise of self-driving cars. (Recently, an autonomous tractor trailer in the U.S completed a 120-mile beer delivery.) Other occupations are using A.I. in tandem with people: Lawyers use software that can analyze cases and search for relevant past rulings; pharmaceutical firms use algorithms to aid in drug discovery. Some experts argue that even humans in some of the highest-paying roles could become redundant. Last year, a team of British and American researchers fed an A.I. system the details of a series of court cases. The computer reached the same verdict as the judge 79 percent of the time.


Other jobs, like those in the medical field, could eventually be replaced by faster, more accurate machines. "Many of us in the A.I. field believe that physicians will be replaced long before nurses are replaced," says Andrew Moore, dean of Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. "The parts of medical care to do more with interacting with the patients, making them comfortable, and communicating clearly with them are going to turn out to be the things that only humans can do well. The diagnostics, coming up with a theory as to what's going on, or what a good subsequent test would be--those are the things that look very promising for automation. Compared with human experts, computers are doing a very good job."



Automated Solutions We Can Provide For You:

  • Scan invoices directly into Sage and other accounting applications

  • Scan entire documents into different languages

  • Have a bespoke workflow app designed for your devices to enable your staff to complete tasks seamlessly​​

​Speak to an expert about this today





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