How To Have Great Ideas

January 3, 2017

Great ideas can be illusive. Sometimes it feels as though we only get a great idea every once in a while but when we do manage to conjure up something really powerful it tends to pay off. Being the person that contributes great ideas can help you thrive in the work place and experience greater job satisfaction. Find out how to enable the best possible ideas you can with these three tips. 




Do something mindless

Everyone has heard about the shower idea concept. Where some of the greatest minds came up with a life changing idea in the shower. Running warm water isn't essential however the act of a mundane and somewhat mindless task can help you think clearly and a little deeper than usual. People also try jogging, baking or simple puzzles.



Brainstorming in a room full of brilliant minds is easily one of the most effective ways to discover some of the best ideas. Collaboration helps test and challenge more mediocre ideas distilling everything down to it's purest and most effective form. 


Have a long rest

Waking up after a long and deep sleep can create the perfect refreshed mindset enabling you to produce an astounding idea. Ensure you get the maximum amount of sleep you can and are taking frequent breaks. A tired mind is one operating far below it's capacity. 



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