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Mastering Your Mornings

Starting your day with the right mindset is key to remaining positive and productive at work. We can help you achieve true effectiveness by teaching you how to truly make your mornings work for you.

1.) Make the most of your nights

When we do bedtime properly we automatically set ourselves up for a great morning. Be sure to banish phones and other electronic devices from your bed side. Keep anything that takes your mind off of rest far away in another part of the house. Don't work from bed either this has the same negative impact on your body's ability to shutdown.

2.) Motivate Yourself

Whether it's planning a scrumptious breakfast with a friend, having your favorite song ready to play or wearing that new shirt into the office - it helps to have something to motivate you into getting up. Often we struggle with our mornings because they are mundane. The same old shower, shave, commute routine can be blindingly boring, try sprucing up your day with a gym session before work, meeting a good friend for coffee or hosting a breakfast meeting and see the difference it makes.

3.) Break out of the bed

Hands up all the serial snoozers out there, the ones who set 5 different alarms!. The key to starting your morning right is to break out of that habit of running away from the actual getting out of bed moment. Try forcing yourself to put your feet on the floor and sit for a moment, this can help you to adjust to being awake and give you enough of a peaceful transition into your morning.

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