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Conquer Print Security Breaches

As changes to the way we work continue to evolve, security has become a greater concern than ever before. Owing to the rising ubiquity of remote workspaces and reliance on personal electronic devices like phones and tablets, securing a company’s personal information is an increasingly challenging and complicated issue.

"90% of businesses will have security breaches due to unsecured printing." - Xerox Office

Could Your Biggest Security Threat Be…Your Printer?

It’s also a frightening one. While the words “security breach” often conjure up pictures of information going out over an unsecured wifi connection, it’s actually your unsecured printers that pose the biggest risk. A whopping 90 percent of businesses have suffered security breaches because of unsecured printing*. Too often a major breach happens simply because someone left sensitive documents in a printer tray.

Increase Security While Cutting Your Costs

Print-on-demand (or pull printing) ensures that the multifunction printer (MFP) only releases the document when the person who sent the print job is there for validation with a PIN (personal identification number) code or card swipe. Best of all, you’ll solve cost and security problems with one simple move.

Not only is an unsecured printer a breach waiting to happen, it’s also a waste of paper and money. In fact, around 50% of printed pages get thrown away and 20% never even get picked up**.

Safe, Efficient and Easy?

The Secure Print feature on Xerox MFPs is simple to use and simple to understand. The secure print feature is automatically activated in the driver when you send the job to print. Ready to learn more? That’s easy too. Just visit the support page and enter your model number, then search “Secure Print” to see if the feature is available and if so, how to use it.

This feature is especially useful when handling documents that include sensitive information, like credit card numbers, social security numbers, confidential work product, or medical information (or even just the Secret Santa list!). It will also keep any wondering eyes from reading your documents. This is a great way to safeguard your documents and keep them from walking away in the hands of someone else. You can also send several documents to the printer and they will not print till you are at the printer to release them.

Via Xerox

* The biggest mistakes companies make with data security, Digital Guardian, May, 2015 ** Nuance Print Management, 2016

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