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Cyber Security : Top 3 Ways To Minimise The Risk

A recent TeleSign “Future of Account Security Report” showed that in the past year, 90% of companies have experienced fraud. Here is how you can keep your company out of the danger zone.

1.) Invest wisely

When it comes to protecting your company's data, finances and ensuring compliance requirements are met it is vital to work with the correct agencies. You aren't expected to know everything there is to know about cyber attacks but part of preparing for the worst is having the right team behind you. Contact experts who can help you fully understand your vulnerabilities and design a bespoke system for your specific needs.

"In a recent study, 85% of respondents said that management at their respective companies was sufficiently concerned about risks related to cybercrime."

- Forbes

2.) Report Suspicious Activity

If you find that you are being contacted by seemingly trustworthy organisations who are asking for sensitive data don't just ignore and mark as spam. Report them to the organisation they claim to represent alert your colleagues and management and send out bulletins to make sure everyone is aware of the risks.

3.) Purchase Compliant Machinery

We live in an age where automated processes and intelligent machinery are becoming more common and accessible. Here at Logixal we partner with Xerox a world class provider delivering machines that help support your compliance and security practices. Solutions such as swipe card or pin code authorisation can help you keep sensitive data secret.

Why not get in touch with a specialist to discuss the solutions that can protect your company.

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