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3 Truths About Leadership

Leadership is a popular term you can often hear being tossed around the workplace. Countless blogs and experts will tell you the importance of assuming leadership positions within your organisation, your home and even your community. These many blogs and experts however, won't always tell you how leadership qualities can be adopted and cultivated to help you become the kind of leader your company and it's employees really need.

True Leadership

For many, the desire to lead is born out of a need to gain power, control and become a key decision maker. These motivations can lead to very bad leadership as they cause selfish behaviours. At the heart of true leadership you will find a dedication to service. Those who are willing to serve and have a desire to significantly change the lives of others whether that be clients or colleagues are the ones who tend to make exceptional leaders.


Great leaders are 'People-centric'

Being people-centric doesn't just mean being social or even super friendly. As a leader, being people-centric means having a genuine interest in the life and well-being of those you work with. Once in a position of leadership, there will be several occasions where your decisions will have a profound impact on the life of another. This is not to be taken lightly you will need to be mindful and always aware of the ways in which your staff members need you to be more than a task master. There will be times when they need you to protect them, become an advocate for them, defend, teach and correct them. When your people become an integral part of your focus, that is when you are demonstrating great leadership.

Prioritise Flexibility and Knowledge

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to leading. The world of business and dynamics of the workplace are often tumultuous and can change quickly. With this in mind, know that your ability to diversify, adapt and adjust yourself alongside preempting the changes is what will set you apart. Great leaders are able to surf the waves, coping with whatever circumstances come at them. A way to equip yourself to do this is to remain in study and dedicate yourself to frequent learning and personal professional development. When you are educated in all the latest developments in your sector you are empowered to make excellent decisions. Aim for guru status and learn to protect yourself with knowledge.

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