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5 Tips to improve your work space from the best offices in the world

Yes, you read it right! Here is a super helpful list to assist you in remodeling your work space according to the all knowing powers of workplace giants such as Google, Adobe and Cisco.

For most of us our work space consists of a phone, computer and a tea-stained mug on a desk. There are however ways to spruce it all up without taking out a wall or moving up 9 floors.

1.) Personal Touches

It is simple enough, cant get enough of Pandas, obsessed with Spongebob, lover of Barbara Streisand? Get a small piece of memorabilia, picture in a frame, a tiny teddy or screensaver to make your work space a little bit more you-ish.

2.) Bring The Fun

Just in case you don't work for Adobe Systems and don't have a massive rock wall in your office, you may want to look at ways you can bring fun into your work environment. Try a travel sized connect 4 or a pack of cards, something that helps you relieve some tension and stress for 5 minutes or during your lunch break. Keep is conservative, I cant imagine colleagues being okay with you arriving atop a pogo stick, but a subtle game/ stress relief activity can make all the difference.

3.) Bring the outdoors in

It may be a cliche but that is only because it works! A cute little cactus or a funky fern can give you that sense of the great outdoors that you need to relax and feel great whilst plowing through a mountain of paperwork.

4.) Make It Pop

People really under estimate the power of colour to impact our mood. Understand what shades help you feel energised, pro-active, happy, focused or calm and integrate them into your work space through desk accessories, screensavers, mousepads, even stationary.

5.) Mix Your Mediums

Like the uber stylish and modern offices of Cisco, try mixing some glass, stone and wooden accessories into your surroundings. This adds a refreshing touch to the usual plastic standard feel of many offices. A glass vase here, a wooden pen holder and stone paperweight there, a recipe for a gorgeously happening workspace.

Images via Fortune

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