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How To: Go Green At Work

Sure, you may not be able to change the way your entire company operates but here are some small things you can do personally to make a positive impact on the environment.

1.) Make everyone a hot drink

Apart from making you popular in the office, making everyone a hot drink when you get up to make yours means that the kettle can be filled and boiled once as opposed to being boiled three or four additional times.

2.) Recycle Paper and go digital where you can

Get your hands on a shredder or get a wastepaper basket just for paper and be sure to recycle all of your old and scrap paper. Where possible don't print out things that you can share and use online, digitally. Use a cloud service like Dropbox if you struggle to store all of the files you need and use Wetransfer to share documents with colleagues.

3.) Paper Clips > Staples

Paper clips are reusable and result in less waste making them a far better tool than the classic staple.

4.) Use A Smaller Font

Simple but genius, smaller fonts equal less paper usage, this can also be applied to laying out documents with paper usage in mind.

5.) Use Multipurpose machines

A multi-purpose machines means that you have one machine consuming power that can do the work of two or three. This not only cuts down on the electric bill but does lower your environmental impact. We can help you with this of course (wink face).

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