HP PageWide A3 Accessories

As your company grows and its demands/needs change you may find yourself wanting improved performance and more features that may not be offered standard with your current printer. Instead of purchasing a new printer you can customise a printer to suit your business better. Logixal offer a wide variety of HP additional features with our devices designed to improve your workflow which can be added at any time after, or during your purchase. The HP PageWide Pro A3 Offers additional trays and a fax accessory that adapt your device to the needs of your business. 

1x550 tray accessory.

This additional tray adds to the existing tray space in your printer reducing the need for paper changing and keeping your business moving. This is the smallest tray that can be added onto your HP PageWide Pro A3 device and gives you that extra space you may require. 

1x550 tray and stand accessory.

This tray adds an extra 550 page capacity as stated before, however the addition of the stand makes this printer much easier to move and can raise it up to a height that makes the device better to use. 

2x2000 tray and stand accessory.

This accessory adds a huge amount of capacity for high performance environments where printing may be a central feature of the business. This accessory is perfect as it gives you the flexibility of printing high volumes without having to replace paper very often.  

3x550 tray and stand accessory.

This accessory adds 3 individual 550 trays reducing the need for paper replacement and adding functionality to print to different sizes if your printer model supports it. This is designed for larger print volumes and the addition of the stand makes it much easier to move as is needed with the extra trays. 

MFP Analog Fax Accessory 500.

This accessory which may be crucial to you or your business. This accessory makes information sharing much more efficient. The HP MFP Fax Accessory is added to the inside of the machine and allows you to send and receive faxes simply and securely making use of HP Security solutions. ​

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