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We can help transform your processes, boost productivity and cut your costs. We offer meaningful change from the inside out. Businesses are as unique as fingerprints and we commit to wrapping ourselves around all of your intricate and complex processes to fully understand and cater to your needs. When your business has the basics in place, everything else has a better chance of flourishing. 

Your organisation might depend on razor-sharp print accuracy. You might need innovative security measures. Or a platform that can put all and any data at your fingertips. We service a huge range of industries so we’re no stranger to diverse requirements. While you get on with your day-to-day, we’re there making sure you’ve got the technologies in place to keep business running smoothly. We’ve got the know-how.


Logixal understands that those who operate within the Health & Medical sector have specific needs around security and compliance. We appreciate the importance of cost effective solutions that still provide the latest and most advanced technologies. We are dedicated to ensuring quality keeping our Health sector clients taken care of when it comes to their high volume print needs for annual reports and other regulatory documentation. 


We work closely to find the most cost effective methodology for what is typically a remote and diverse workforce. Our networks and technical support provide fast and helpful guidance either onsite or via our customer support team.

Public Sector

Our work with the public sector includes servicing government departments, hospitals and local authorities. Whilst working with organisations with such a diverse variety of needs, who are also frequently under very close scrutiny, we've mastered transparent and scale-able solutions. 


We work closely to find the most cost effective methodology for what is typically a remote and diverse workforce. Our networks and technical support provide fast and helpful guidance either onsite or via our customer support team.

Design and Media

The Creative Industries sector is comprised of many different sub-sectors, including fashion, design & interiors, architecture, exhibition and attraction design, music, performing arts, publishing and advertising as well as screen (film and TV) and broadcasting.


Logixal supports this industry in many innovative ways, including ensuring quality of colour reproduction on a variety of media and materials; secure access to enable sharing of content, version control and the very latest in print management technology and solutions.


Speed is always of the essence with this industry and we believe creativity must never be constrained due to an inflexible printing solution. We have developed a variety of solutions that provide our clients with the incredible quality products and exceptional machinery they deserve.

Hospitality and Travel

Our hospitality and hotel clients rely on us to deliver a consistent and robust service that keeps them and their guests enjoying headache free technology, communications and processes. 


Logixal understands that hotels have specific communication and printing needs – not only in their management offices and departments but due to the varying needs of their guests.


Offering quick and efficient support whenever and wherever our clients need, we get to their administrative, business centre and conference facility issues long before they expect thanks to our expert software which monitors activity.


We offer fast, reliable and personalised technical support to ensure hotels and their guests are supported quickly and efficiently.

Entertainment and Leisure

The entertainment and leisure industry covers a wide range of activities, from fair grounds to film locations and from sports facilities to play areas. This fast growing industry is fuelled by an increase in spare leisure time as the ageing population increases.  Logixal supports this industry in many ways by offering scalable solutions.

We understand the entertainment and leisure industry is subject to seasonal business, fluctuating volume of bookings and international clientele with varying demands. We are experts in providing you with high speed internet access, cost efficient and accurate booking systems, high volume ticketing solutions, secure access and passkey operations and remote and networked printing solutions.​ Ensuring you are always up and running when you need to be.

Financial Services

One of the most prominent UK services is the financial sector, due to it's high level professionalism and expertise. Our understanding of the financial sector's processes and workplace-efficiency requirements have meant that we have been able to implement the highest level solutions across multiple clients.


We work closely with auditors, finance directors and team members to integrate robust and secure solutions, that lower costs, increase efficiency and transform productivity for all users. 


Our electronic content management solutions have proven to be of great value and our customers have made great use of this technology. 

Legal Services

Our understanding of the legal sector's processes and managed office requirements is second to none. We work closely with law firms to develop robust and secure document management services, that lower costs, increase efficiency and transform office productivity. In terms of identifying disbursement costs for individual clients, charge back information for the individual practice groups within larger firms and reliable scanning and high-volume printing services, we are the go to experts. 

Our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions have proven to be of excellent value and our customers make great use of our document archiving and fast retrieval and sharing services.

Architecture and Engineering 

Our Engineering and building clients have wide ranging print, voice communication and data needs.  We recognise the diversity of our clients work in the area of design, construction, environmental and particularly the impact of new electrical technology systems that enable safe and energy sustaining operations of buildings.

We work closely with our clients to enable fast and accurate printing and scanning solutions – particularly the need for wide format scanning of blueprints and other requirements.  Many of our clients have multi-location sites and therefore video conferencing, web based (virtual) communication and robust communications systems are essential.

Our client feedback consistently comments on our ability to understand their business and the environment in which they operate.  We pride ourselves on our onsite familiarisation process which helps us to deliver exactly what our clients need in the way that they need it.

Professional Services

This sector accounts for £84.3 billion or 8% of UK output—the largest share of any sector. Our work with Professional Services firms includes providing print management, voice and data services to accountants, legal services, information technology, property management, architecture, advertising, and management consultancy. 


Servicing such a large and highly dynamic market sector is an important challenge which requires the highest level of support from our technical services and customer services team.


We are proud of our work with charities and other not-for-profit organisations. We appreciate the need for cost effectiveness all the while providing these organisations with latest technologies for their quality and high volume print needs for annual reports and other regulatory documentation.


We recognise that much of their (and our) work will go unnoticed.  It is therefore even more valuable for us to share some feedback from one of our customers who is a leading non-for-profit organisation in the UK.

Corporate and SME's

Logixal has built strong relationships with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large corporate organisations. 


We understand the needs of all business are different from one to the next. We provide  solutions that assist these companies and support their goals.

Companies that have a remote and diverse workforce rely on our networking technologies and mobile solutions as they provide the link in their communication strategies.


Our call centre support and quick response to any issue helps SME's and Corporate companies help business continuity.

Logixal Document Solutions Ltd. is an independent supplier of IT and Managed Print Solutions

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