In a world where cloud platforms and data are becoming more important every day, many companies are still choosing not to back up their Microsoft 365 data, but is this leaving them at risk?

Join us for our upcoming webinar ‘Building a Microsoft 365 protection strategy’ to hear our tech solutions specialists share their insights on the importance of protecting your Microsoft 365 data, the latest industry trends, and typical challenges. 

Webinar agenda: 

  • Why it's dangerous to assume Microsoft is protecting your data for you
  • What are the threats to M365 / cloud data?
  • How does data protection regulation and compliance come into protecting cloud data
  • How we can enable rapid protection
  • Q&A

Fill in the form to register to join the webinar on the 2nd December at 2pm (UK) 

Remember, if you can’t attend online on the day, you’ll receive the recording of the webinar. 


Register for the 'Building a Microsoft 365 protection strategy' webinar on 2nd December at 2pm (UK)

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Join us for our upcoming webinar ‘Building a Microsoft 365 protection strategy’