We are a HP Partner First Specialist

As a HP Partner First Specialist, awarded in 2019, we have recently begun a valuable relationship with one of the market's best. We are in constant communication to ensure we can deliver the best products and support to our customers, accounting for their needs and costs. 

​HP have been working on their state of the art inkjet and laser printers since 1984, and have been operating in the information technology market since the late 1930s. 

​After introducing their first laser printer in 1984 they began introducing inkjet printers to the consumer market in the mid to late 1980s. Their aim is to "reinvent how ideas come to life by making printing more personal, convenient, reliable and efficient" all for the benefit of the consumer.

​HP are setting the standard for digital, laser and inkjet printing and with recent research into 3-D printing technology, HP is striving to offer the newest products that keep them ahead of the market. HP offer advanced secure printing as one of their recent innovations to keep your confidential documents free from prying eyes.


Since 2008 HP have received the BLI Buyers Lab Line of the Year award 8 times for having the most diverse, robust and complete portfolio of printers, also receiving the BLI buyers lab reliability award for the next 3 years. With this reliability they were able to print over 2 million pages with only 2 misfeeds recorded, demonstrating the ability of their machines.

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HP believe that your printer should be just as secure as the rest of your network, ensuring your confidential documents cannot be intercepted and read by people whom you don't want to. HP understand that your printer can be a vulnerability in your network and as such must have strong security, anti-virus and self repair features

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