ECM Components


- Capture, index and store unstructured content to facilitate downstream use.

One-step scanning from Xerox® MFP

Xerox® ConnectKey® for DocuShare® enables scanning into workflows, on-site or in the cloud, selecting values such as patient ID from a database.

High-volume capture of paper, E-forms, fax, mainframe files and more

Eliminate legacy paper, applying optical character recognition (OCR) for search-ability. Third-party solutions connect to any multifunction printer.

Mobile capture

The Mobile Client, mobile E-Forms, and Xerox® Safe Courier®, enable mobile capture


- Categorise, store, organise and manage the life-cycle of your business content

Easy personalised content management

Intuitive Web UI offers preferred publishing, customisation, exporting, My DocuShare portal view

Document management, file sharing

Library services (check-in/out, versions, notifications, PDF rendering) with scalability to millions of documents.

Index and search

Industry-leading search retrieves in seconds. Assign metadata to classify documents, federating search enterprise wide.


- Promote communication through document-level collaboration capability

Team, Social and Email Collaboration

Work spaces let teams share project work with wikis, blogs, discussions and RSS.

Public Web Access

Manage business content in DocuShare and link to it “invisibly” from a public website.

Xerox® Digital Alternatives Software

For collaboration on Office documents across desktop and mobile devices.


- Categorise, store, organise and manage the life-cycle of your business content

Intuitive, Ad-hoc Routing and Rules

Powerful tools let workers or business analysts automate office processes, boosting productivity.

Xerox® Process Automation

A business process management (BPM) toolset for fully automated processes, with a developer Workflow Design Studio.

Electronic Forms

E-Forms can cut a process from weeks to just minutes. Optionally add electronic signatures.


- Secure sensitive data through user/group based access and automate retention and disposition

Multi-level permissions

Protect content with user/group access controls up to six levels, and a convenient administrator view of all permissions

Lifecycle Manager, Retention/Policy Management

DocuShare Lifecycle Manager automates reviews, data archiving, and destruction.

Reporting and Security

Audit trails and reporting enable content tracking. Add secure socket layer (SSL), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration, or Disaster Recovery/ High Availability.


- Access your business critical content both online and offline, through desktop and mobile devices

Cross-Platform Web Access, MFP Browsing, Desktop Clients

Access content from any browser, Xerox® MFP panel or Office application.

Mobile Access

Use free Mobile apps to access business content 24/7. DocuShare 7.0’s responsive Web UI also supports seamless mobile use.

Integration with ERP, Enterprise Applications, SharePoint

Link from business applications with the Application Connector, and from SharePoint via Webparts

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